Promoting Positive Behaviour in Toddlers

We all know how critical the first five years of a child’s life is, especially when it comes to teaching good values, manners and positive behavior. You would be surprised how quick toddlers can learn things like attitude, communication, habits, etc. In order to teach them to be caring, understanding and helpful, a constructive teaching approach is required instead of a punitive approach.
Some of the steps that you can take to ensure positive behaviour in your toddler is by leading by example.
Proactive Learning

Allowing the Toddlers to Deal with Their Problems
Parents often show overenthusiasm when it comes to their little ones. We often try to provide for the childrens’ needs even before they ask for something, especially when it comes to homeworks and assignments. An important thing to note here is that jumping to your child’s defence is not always a good idea as it often results in weakening the child and making them incapable of solving the problems on their own. It always starts with providing them with answers to their homework and can go as far as making their projects and assignments for them. This holds a long term effect and will be carried forward to their teenagehood as well as adulthood. You need to provide your little ones time to try their best before asking for your help. You can use the same technique when they are doing their daily chores or playing a game. As far as possible, try to refrain from providing help until and unless they ask you for your help. This helps the toddlers to see their problems and tasks as a challenge than as a hurdle.

Toddlers learn most of the things by observing the people around them. Your little one will learn good values, manners and basic positive behavior automatically as long as they live in an environment where people live by good values, practice the right manners and etiquette and are friendly. Lowering the number of instructions and negative feedback helps in creating an aura of positive thinking and behaviour within the family members. All of these techniques help in promoting good behaviour in the preschoolers.