Yoga & Meditation

  • Yoga & Meditation are often considered as a good source of Relaxation. Yoga is a unity between our mind and body.
  • Meditation show improved attention and behavior in young minds. It is highly beneficial for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, school performance, sleep, behavior problems, and eating disorders.
  • Yoga for kids will help them to increase strength , flexibility and co- ordination. Yoga is not just for adults! In fact, it can give children very important life skills that can help them to succeed in the world. Yoga helps children to manage their anxiety, improves their emotional regulation, increases body awareness and mindfulness It also boosts their self-esteem. Yoga not only  develops children’s strength and flexibility but  teaches discipline and reduces impulsivity.


  • The game Chess significantly improves children’s visual memory, attention span, and spatial-reasoning ability. It  Improves concentration ,  memory power and  enhances reading with math skills .
  • With its focus on problem solving and move variables, it’s not surprising that chess can improve a student’s math skills.
  • Chess favors the “if–then” thinker. “If I move here, then my opponent may move here, here, or even here.” That’s logic and critical thinking in action!