Kid’s Creativity

Many of us believe that creativity and imagination are the kind of talents that we are either born with or without. Just as all the children are not equally intelligent, all children are not equally creative. However, in reality, creativity and imagination are more of skills than talents that the parents can help them develop […]

Helping toddler succeed in Academic

We all want to see our little ones excelling in their academic lives. A child’s success as a student relies to a large extent on  how well (s)he is doing at preschool, as it helps in building the very base of their future. There are many ways a parent can help their toddler in doing [...]

Promoting Positive Behaviour in Toddlers

We all know how critical the first five years of a child’s life is, especially when it comes to teaching good values, manners and positive behavior. You would be surprised how quick toddlers can learn things like attitude, communication, habits, etc. In order to teach them to be caring, understanding and helpful, a constructive teaching [...]

Developing Motor skills at School and at Home

Introduction – What is Fine Motor Skill? Fine motor skills are the skills that involve movements using the small muscles in our hands and wrists. We use these mechanisms to carry out various key tasks in our day-to-day life. These small movements come so naturally that most of us perform them like an involuntary reflex. However, [...]