Developing Motor skills at School and at Home

Introduction – What is Fine Motor Skill?
Fine motor skills are the skills that involve movements using the small muscles in our hands and wrists. We use these mechanisms to carry out various key tasks in our day-to-day life. These small movements come so naturally that most of us perform them like an involuntary reflex. However, fine motor skills are quite complex. They require coordinated efforts between the brain and the muscles. These skills are built on the Gross Motor Skills that help us make bigger movements, like running, jumping and crawling.
Here are some examples of when we use fine motor skills:
Holding a pen or a pencil
Drawing pictures
Writing neatly
Using a keyboard
Using scissors, rulers and other tools
Every toddler develops motor skills at a different pace.
Motor skill Activities :
Playing with Gun
Playing with dough.
Holding a pencil
Holding small things .
Holding a Spoon .

While there are plenty more such ways of engaging your little one with similar activities that target the enhancement of their small , everyday movements, you can always begin with the ones mentioned in this blog in order to allow baby steps for your toddler’s development. These seemingly simple yet complex skills go a long way in the overall development of a child and should never be taken lightly. The positive part being, how absolutely fun these activities can be, even as a parent, and what better way for a toddler to grow than to be happy, focused and fully entertained?